Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Seven Two Seven

July 27th 2008. What a crappy weather day but a great everything else day. On off thunderstorms put on quite a light show. I witnessed hail the size of skittles. The Mets routed the Cards. I traveled out east with my mom and dad to visit my sister and brother in law. Dim sum take out from East Buffet was consumed. Ended up in Flushing in a basement cafeteria style food stall station. Got pulled noodles (Action photos below) and Chinese Burger. It was a good day.

I had a fun time chatting it up with the chinese burger lady. My mandarin is non existant. I know maybe 5 lines. None which have to do with food. She asked if we wanted sugar on our Chinese burger. My cousin and I said no. Why sugar? We don't know.

Chinese Burgers?!?!? They were good. Just trust me on that one.

Pic of my sister and bro in law's pool out in Long Island. You can see my parents admiring the blueness.

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