Thursday, July 24, 2008

jamba juice, cookies and gifts from Russia

What a day! Tuesday at dinner my parents gave me some goodies from Russia. They just came back from a river cruise. They gave me a hat with a bunch of pins on it. It was a bit tacky but after taking off all the pins the hat looks quite fashionable. I only took a pic of the label inside.

Fancy hat

The other gift they gave me is an egg thingy. It can hold all sorts of paraphernalia.

Egg thingy
It opens!

Cakewardrobe totally hooked it up with some great cookies today. They were for my coworkers and fooddotout.

It was wrapped in a prism box with a pink ribbon. Masculine to the max...

I'm taking full advantage of buy one get one free jamba juice. This is my second acai shake I've had this week. It's so good and so very natural. My energy level has been kicked up a notch.
Please, if you haven't done so, click here to get your coupon!

Your body is a temple, littering is strictly prohibited!

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george said...

i tried to stay away from those cookies. but when it's 4AM and you just programmed for like 3 hours.. om nom nom nom