Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Danny Ng's Place

Ate with my family tonight at Danny Ng's Place. The place was packed and that's a very good thing. A Chinese filled restaurant on a Tuesday is an excellent sign. I first ate at his place when he was on Pell Street. I had no idea he moved until my parents informed me. I saw a plaque that said something in Chinese and had July 1st 2008 on it. That could have been an indication of the opening date. The walls are covered with pictures of former police commissioners and lieutenants. It was interesting because the owner, Danny Ng, was roaming around the street and the restaurant. I only knew this because a mounted police officer yelled out "Hey Danny, how you doin".

New Yorks Finest Hard at Work

The Card
One of the prefix Chinese menus for the table. This one ran about $138 for the table.

This was some type of pastrami over a bed of veggies. Very good.

Tsing Tao - Emperor of beers.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. We were having a little too much fun at dinner. I'll also try to make an effort to take better pictures instead of using my iPhone camera. We need a bit of an upgrade. Noisy pictures rule!

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