Saturday, July 19, 2008

Panna Cotta, Chinatown and Rock Band

After a late day of work cakewardrobe came by to drop off food for me and the roomies! Lucky us because we had some amazing velvety, silky, smooth, sweet strawberry panna cotta. Words do not even begin to describe it. Here's a crap picture of it via my iPhone.
Crazy Delicious Panna Cotta!

cakewardrobes blog about the recipe and awesome pics

I can call the panna cotta my intermezzo because I had a subway sandwich before this and off to Chinatown we go! Few friends were heading back from the yankee game and wanted to eat. We were heading into Noodletown but decided to go to yummy noodle instead.
I took a pic of noodletown for kicks.

I ate some noodles with beef randomness of brisket and tripe.
Noodles with Beef tripe and brisket.

We called it a night and ended up home playing rock band. fooddotout wanted to sing and do bass at the same time. I tried singing and doing drums but that did not work out. You can see our make shift mic stand using throw pillows.Rocking out to rock band

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Gabe said...

GZ looks like a rock god!