Wednesday, July 16, 2008

$ for lunch in my pocket! NL League sucks! I still haven't cooked shit!

I found $16 in my suit pant pocket this morning. Feels good to find money in your pocket. Reminds me of old friends you haven't heard from calling you up after years of not speaking.

I stayed up until 1am watching the all star game. It was a great game. I've never seen that many people thrown out at the plate in my life. Too bad the game ended so late! Of course I wake up to find my National League team losing.

Cooking doesn't seem to be in my schedule. My roommate cooked. Steamed egg with mushroom and probably some other stuff and stuffed it in a sandwich. Smelled very egg like and mushroom like. I ordered from a chinese take out joint called Jimmy's House. They have a great deal at 7pm where you can get a thing of rice with 4 sides. I had sweet and sour pork, string beans, tofu and egg tomatoes. So perfect, so good, so MUCH!

No pics - Sorry


george said...
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george said...

it's steamed egg with tofu, mushrooms and scallion. i wanted white bread and tamago.