Saturday, August 9, 2008

Rollin in the Kia, JJ, Pink's and Sharkeez in Hermosa - LA Day 2

I woke up at 7am Pacific time. Couldn't adjust to west coast time yet. It was a little hazy out. Smog? Sea mist of some sort? I wasn't so sure. The plan was to drive Alex to work and roam around LA. My trusty iPhone guided me through town. LA is a very easy town to stroll around in. You MUST have a car though. It's nothing like Manhattan. I didn't try out their mass transit system there. There were plenty of buses but I never caught sight of a subway system.

After dropping Alex off I was craving for some Jamba Juice. Acai with an energy boost was what I needed to start the day. I plugged it into my phone and off we went. I parked the Kia and noticed something I've never seen before. Meters that accepted all change! Not just quarters. I happily plugged in some change and picked up an original Acai. It's almost $2 cheaper in LA vs the one I regularly go to on 5th ave between 33rd and 32nd.

So the night before I noticed a Supreme store in LA. I'm not a sneaker head or anything but I do like my nike SB's. I recently purchased a pair of Nike New Castles. Like the beer! Anyways I get there at 10:45 and they're not opened until 11. Boo, I waited for 5 minutes and decided to go to PINK's down the road. You know when something isn't all that but you still want to go just to say you experienced it. That's what Pink's is all about. I'm going to make a list of places that equivalent to that experience. I got, I wait 20 minutes, I order, I pay, I take pictures and admire the cuties on the line. It wasn't all that. The chili dog was awesome but nothing special.

I drive around, check out the touristy scene equivalent to Time Square and meet up with Alex for Lunch at Le Petit Four. Had an excellent niçoise salad. What made it even better was the nice cool breeze, sitting out doors and a chill atmosphere. All was well in the world.

I drop Alex back at work, I hit the pool at the Shapiro residence and off to Hermosa Beach to meet up with some old Vegas buddies of mine. I meet my friends at the beach and we headed to Sharkeez. Aparently Sharkeez had a fire earlier in the year but they reopened a couple weeks before I arrived. My friends were telling me how it use to smell like a mix of piss and stanky beer. Now the place smells like new paint! Thank goodness.

We caught up, drank, caught up some more, drank and rocked out to some music. It was a good time. All pics below! Enjoy.

Rollin in the Kia. Don't mess around. Alex's summer rental. Thing actually had a rockin sound system.

Jamba Juice with a fat tree in the background.

They've actually been serving for 69 years. Just getting rid of old menu's I suppose.

I wanted this hot dog but thought it was too cheezy to get.
Peak inside Pink's. you can see all the hype on the walls. It's like a Wo Hop for LA.

The bacon chillie cheese dog. Breakfast of champions.

Right on Sunset.

Don't mess with the niçoise.

Hermosa Beach Sharkeez

The "Shark Attack". You can see the "blood".

Myself, Sheena and Heather

Myself, Sheena and Sheena's sister sippin on a shark attack.

On my way to the bathrooom and saw this. Hilarious!

Heather rockin out the robot.

So many choices. Tried Honey Moon for the first time as oppose my regular Blue Moon. Ehh

Sheena had a torn hammy. She insisted she was fine and it was healing. I'm no doctor but...

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