Friday, August 8, 2008

Burbank and "Animal" - Night one in LA

I land and wait for my luggage. Wait and wait then it turns out they put it on the wrong carousel. I go to the Jet Blue baggage claim office and there it is. Sitting with 20+ other bags that were on the same flight. Alex scoops me up and we're off to dinner.

Alex and I got there at 10:50 and they broke the news to us. "We can't serve alcohol after 11pm." I thought we were going to have a so so night but that was definitely not the case. Animal has been opened for a couple of months. Let may say this right off the bat. The meal was simply amazing.

Started off with two beers and an unforgettable pork belly on a layer of kim-chi. My main course was a lovely whole fish. Head tail and everything over capers and something else. You do not ever see this in an American restaurant these days. You see it all the time in Chinese restaurants. I don't remember any of the meals actual ingredients. Lastly the dessert was a chocolate cake topped with pieces of bacon. BACON!!!

This beer is actually very good. Why? Maybe because I was thirsty. Maybe because it said organic on the bottle? Not sure why. It was good though.

Excellent pork belly with soy kim chi something something. The waiter said it was his favorite dish. I agree!

Flower of something something deep fried with avocado. Alex told me they have avocado in many dishes in LA in general.

Whole fish with the head. The young lady that was out other server deboned it very well. You can see the head on the upper left of the pic.

I <3 Bacon! Bacon sprinkled on top of some type of chocolate cake. Sweet fat perfection.

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