Tuesday, August 5, 2008

JFK SUCKS & Five Guys Rule! enRoute to LA (LA Part 1)

I finally made it out to LA the day after an earthquake. Everyone became a seismologist the day the earthquake happened and forewarned me of an aftershock. I took it in stride and continued on.

JFK sucks. Long lines to check my bag and even longer line through security. They had a total of FOUR people checking people through security. It was pretty ridiculous. They needed at least eight to keep the congestion down. The dude that checked me in was really taking his time. It seemed as if he did it to spite the angry people online. I was not happy with his attitude but I again like the seismologists, I move on. I think it's best not to piss off or get short with the TSA.

The Air Train terminal is VERY NICE and super clean.

I finally arrive at my gate and there were lovely Samsung sponsored outlets for all your charging needs. I gladly plugged my iPhone in to get a full charge before boarding. I boarded the plane with two crying babies but it was a short flight to Dulles, my connecting flight.

I was told the line at Five Guys is usually very long. 20 minutes long according to the flight attendant. I went there and thankfully there were only 2 people online!

The view of the line after I got my food. Looked about 20 minutes long.

Five Guys in action.

Order of fries, bacon burger with mushrooms, onions, bbq sauce, lettuce and tomato.

Five Guys made my layover very bearable. I enjoyed every last fry I had.

The flight to LA was awful. The two crying babies were now seated in front and behind me. There was a symphony of crying throughout the whole trip. The young lady to my front right was also breast feeding her child and opted to change her baby's diaper on the food tray. They make bathrooms for a reason right?

More on my actual trip soon. I have work to catch up on.

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cakewardrobe said...

OMG Crying babies should be banned from flying at all.. There is Five Guys here in the city!