Monday, August 11, 2008

Fun weekend! Happy BDay Albert & Samantha - Sunday with the Sis

Did you catch the Olympic opening ceremony?!!? Whoaaa that was awesome. Catch some of the pictures here and here.

My weekend started off with a lot of Chinese pride. We had a great birthday dinner party for Albert at Amber. Jenny took care of setting it all up and Henry, the manager, made sure everything in the back took off smoothly. We were all very happy with the results and everyone ate well.

Happy Birthday Albert!

The great part of the dinner was Cakewardrobe, fooddotout, Wongster, JDub and myself helping out with the cookies and cupcakes. A LOT of prep work was involved in making Albert's cupcake baseball field cake. Cakewardrobe did a great job with setting up the numbers, organizing and getting people together to put the cookies together. You can see the process here and the results here.

The cookie factory.

Tried my best to create my facial gestures. How did I do?

The result!

After dinner I had another party at Providence. Samantha had a huge party for her birthday the same evening. I was glad to invite a few friends out for that one and we all had a blast. Nina Sky was Dj'ing that evening. It was a fun positive vibe.

Oh look, my two ex girlfriends are DJ'ing (Nicole & Natalie aka Nina Sky)

The party posse. Frank, Michelle, Raquel and I

Happy Birthday Samantha!

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