Monday, August 18, 2008

"Fuck you Jobu. I do it myself" - Cerrano

What a weekend! Friday - Korean food with Cakewardrobe and her buddy Tina. It was oober good. Cakewardrobe was kind enough to hook it up. We actually walked out of the Shilla first before we went into a cafeteria style Korean joint. At Shilla I asked for a seat upstairs which they ignored. Then the host stuck us in the way back of the restaurant. There was no service attention at all. NONE even after all three of us tried to wave down a server. We decided to leave and head to the other spot. We had fun and chatted politics.

Good Ole Korean food.

I broke my chopsticks.

Friday evening was fun. Things were looking bleak at first and it looked like a night that no one was going out. Then things came together and a bunch of us headed out to Amber, Azza and then to Cafeteria. Amber always seems to be a nice place to start the evening off. The vibe is nice and there were nice big screens for me to watch Michael Phelps win another gold medal. My friends finally came. They were all running on CP time. When you say 10pm. It usually means something closer to 11-11:30.

Eating at Cafeteria - I seriously look like an idiot in this pic. Check out the bling and Raquel!

Went to the Jets game on Saturday and watched Brett Favre throw his first touchdown as a NY Jet. Finally there's a reason to watch Jets football this year.

Lets go JETS!

Saturday night was fun. We were suppose to go to a bday party at HOME but ended up at TOUCH. A bunch of my old friends were there and it was fun. Met new people including an Israeli that was leaving the next day at 2:30. She was adorable. We ended up in the DJ booth and the lovely DJ asked for a request. I asked her to play Bon Jovi and we totally rocked out. Afterwards we headed to WoHop where a quote from Major League came out from left field. We were in the cab when Frank and Gaurav started yelling "Fuck you Jobu. I'll do it myself."

Sunday I made my way down to Chinatown with fooddotout. We had some Vietnamese food. Beef cubes on rice is oh so good. On my way down I snapped this shot on the 6 train. Reebok pumps rule.

The guy has Reebok PUMPS on!!! He stared me down the entire time. Prob though I was gonna jack his kicks.

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