Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend update!

I had a fun packed weekend. It started Thursday night. I went out to dinner with my good friend Winnie and met up with another old friend of mine after for a little clubbing. It was nice to catch up with old friends and it's been a long while since I went to a house club. Kiss and Fly had this euro feel to it. Half the people there spoke french. I had a rough Friday at work.

Friday evening I planned a birthday dinner for my sis. She's 16+15 and a little sad about it. I'm currently 27. What's the big deal? I guess I'll find out in 4 years. We ate at Stanton Social. The food there is consistantly good. I really like the variety. It's like Americanized dim sum. We had 5 people for dinner and ordered a total of 17 dishes. It was maybe 1 or 2 dishes over. Everything rocked.
My sister's a rock star! I found the biggest b-day cake for her.

Afterwards my sister and brother in-law left for home. Kenny and Winnie (my cousin not so cousin) went across the street to grab a few drinks at Essex. I have been partying there and brunching there for well over 7 years now. We had a few and I saw some old friends that work there. A new bartender started working there and she's absolutely beautiful. Sabrina from Queens. I can go on all day about her. We drink and 10pm rolls by and my good friend Mascha strolls in. It's her birthday party across the street at La Caverna! We grab some more drinks at Essex and we walk a total of 75 feet to catch her party.
That's not Russian Vodka! Happy Bday Mascha!

La Caverna is an interesting spot. I threw a new years party there about 5 years ago. It was a shit show. Nick, the owner, took care of it all. The place is still around and the place was packed out Saturday night. B&T crowd for sure though. We drink we have fun and we wonder down the block to Congee Villiage to find out they stop serving at 2am. I'm not too happy about that but we switch gears and catch a cab to Wo Hop. We chow down and go home.
I was pretty upset that Congee Village stopped serving food late.

I'm Monique and I don't know what I want from the awesome menu!

Saturday I try to recover fully for Greg and Cara's wedding. What a wedding! It's a close 2nd best wedding ever. I'm obligated to say my sister's wedding was beautiful and well done. Well, i'm not obligated but it was freakin awesome. Greg and Cara's wedding was at Water's Edge in Long Island City. There were beautiful views of the city throughout the entire evening. The band played Biggie Smalls and all types of awesome 90's hip hop. A lot of dancing and a lot of drinking. Table 5 was ON! We rocked the house down. The midnight cruise was provided by Doug Weiss, Greg's brother. We rocked out some more there and I mixed it up with champagne. We were expecting an after party at 2am but no one wanted to go out. Gaurav and I were the only two that made it out and chilled to about 3:30 at Forum.

The very happy couple who are currently in New Zealand.

The Hora!

Part of the posse.

Greg and I

Cara and I.

Sunday I was woken up by my buddy Gaurav requesting my awesome football skills. My awesome I mean I can catch every other ball thrown to me and hassle the other team by trash talking. I watched most of the Giants game on TV and missed the OT drive for the win while heading to the football game. We, team Super Crew, killed team 300. I had a few receptions and a jammed left pinky. Also by killed I mean we scored 5 td's and shut them out. I came home and George aka fooddotout wanted to go eat in chinatown via bicycle. I gladly joined and we cruised down to Christie Street to chow down on some braised beef noodles. We took the FDR service road back and "the falls" is quite a site in the evening.

Now I'm kicking back watching the last yankee game in the old stadium going back and forth with the Dallas Green Bay game. Kicking back and detoxing.

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george said...

yo ahole, you left out waking me up 3:30AM Friday. at least we didn't find you naked on the sofa again.