Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mets Win! Santana comes through!!!

WHAT A GAME!!! I want to thank Samantha for inviting me out last night. It was Amazing!

Santana pitched 8 innings of two run ball. He comes through every time and we finally got run support. The bases were loaded and a fan ran onto the field. It was one of the best "fan runs on the field" moments EVER!

The runner was in a grey sweat suit and ran from 3rd base to 2nd base

He juked the first security guard who fell flat on his face. The 2nd guard caught him and tackled him. What happened afterward seemed fake. The kid's sweatpants fell off. His white bare ass was exposed to the entire stadium. Everyone was going wild. It took another couple minutes to carry him off to left field. They took him into the visitor bull pen and the crowd kept going nuts.

The last time I saw someone run onto the field was at Yankee Stadium. The security there seemed twice the size of the chubby guys at Shea. It took one guy to tackle the gentleman and zip tie cuff him. And they carried him off like a tied up hog for roasting.

Two things. If you ever order the chicken cutlet sandwich at Shea, don't. You get barely any chicken and the bread's stale. Sushi is good but over priced.

I had a serious face on for the picture.

Then I switched it up!

In Church we trust.

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