Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lack of posting again.

I've never worked this hard, made so little and being completely content about it! I'm lucky to have a wonderful gf right now in my life. The company is gaining some sweet traction. People tell us if we keep putting out a great product we should be fine.

There's been a sever lacking of posting here. I barely have time for my best friends lately. Once I figure out my schedule I promise to hang out soon again! Gina, Frank, and my 100 Asian friends.

Exciting news the past few months.

1. I'm an uncle!!! Jeanne Louise is a beautiful little girl that I will spoil. Born on June 18th. I was in at the hospital all day and watched all three world cup games.

2. My boy Eddie "muthafuckin" Huang opened up a second restaurant that I have yet to go to but the food looks amazing. Xiao Ye. I must go try and paste up a lucky $20 up on the wall. See you soon Eddie!

3. Huge shout out to Din over at Cheeky Sandwiches. He got a sweet shout out on the nytimes!

4. A big thank you for everyone who's tried our goodies the past few months at Macaron Parlour. It's always nice meeting new people. Having them compare our products to places across the Atlantic as well as introducing and educating people about macarons.

5. Now it's not news that I haven't baked for my gf. Anyone want to suggest a recipe?

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