Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hectic! - Summation of the past Year.

I've been keeping my time occupied recently and haven't been able to post much. I keep telling myself to just do it already so here I go. During 08 there have been quite a lot of traveling, partying, eating and crazy weather.

My trip to China was an eye opener. Beautiful scenic views, amazing food, great people and a true culture shock. I've gone as a child but never as an adult. My senses were flooded. I have so many nice memories from there. The single bad memory was catching a stomach thing which cleared in 24 hours. It happens and I move on. Actually lost 10 pounds after gaining a solid 6. So netting a 4lb loss at the end of the trip. Ha!

The past year I've grown closer to my roommates. A few of my friends knew I never lived with anyone before moving back out to NYC. First year 07 was a tough one for me to adjust. Now I can say I'm fully broken in and ready to move out on my own in 09.

I've learned a lot with relationships this year. I've definitely grown as a person and people around me have helped me in the process. Everyone's perspectives are always helpful and help me carry on with my life.

I drank way too much this year. This year I've decided to give my liver a bit of a rest and try to steer myself into a healthier lifestyle. I figure I drank every weekend + an extra day or two mixed in there. 52 weekends in a year = 104 days + say about 25% of those weeks I drank on a weekday. Multiply that by atleast 3 drinks per session as an average = 375 total drinks in a year. Roughly $7 a drink and I spent a solid 2g's on drinks for the year. That math is completely wrong because I know I've drank way more than that.

Traveling for the year was great! I really didn't go anywhere until the 2nd half of 08. Hamptons, Jersey, LA twice, Atlanta, Miami, Philly for New Years and the giant kicker to China.

Culinary experiences were most definitely amazing. Summers are always about BBQ'ing it up and Kenny and George definitely always shine. Big apple BBQ was one of the most sweltering days of the year. Many nights at Wo Hop, Diners and street cart food have added to my cholesterol levels. Four steakhouses - Lugers, Wolfgangs, Chima (philly) and Robert's squared off that end. Still can't get a reservation at Momofuku Ko. I've padded the wallets of the BRGuest restaurant group. Had salty noodles at Ippudo, plenty of brunches at Essex, and many beers at The Smith which cost $6 now. No longer a $5 deal. Buckets of PBR a plenty at Black Bear. Free drinks at Essex, plenty of Mamosa's. Petron petron petron petron... How did I get back on drinking?

I'm quit blabbin and continue this another time.

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