Thursday, November 13, 2008

Almost lost my camera...

How many times can you say you left your camera in a cab and actually got it back 2 minutes later!

It happened earlier today! We pulled up to a fancy building in Shanghai to grab drinks and take pictures. I look up, saw a great view, reached for my pocket for a camera and it wasn't there. I LEFT it in a CAB! We turn around and sure enough the cab actually made a u-turn and it was across the street. I yell over, look into the cab, and thank goodness it was sitting on the floor. The cab drive, who happened to be a woman, kept saying "I had no idea it was there" in mandarin. She thought I was accusing her of stealing it.

All is well in the camera front. Pictures to be posted after my trip. Credit to techomologist who spotted the driver.

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